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Our current Ice cream special:
Raspberry Sherbet, Peanut Butter Cup and Grilled Stickies

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Exciting News!
We serve Penn State Berkey Creamery Ice Cream all year around!  We currently have 15 flavors, but that number could change!


Mark A. ~ WCM is a great little chocolate shop on Main St. in Evans City. I stopped and got my wife a box of chocolates for our anniversary on my way home from work. I'm glad I did. She (and I) loved them!


Jennifer R. ~ A must stop! Once you try their turtles, there's no turning back! Nobody makes them like WCM...and they're right here in Evans City!

Milk Chocolate Triple Dipped Malt Balls.
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Candy & More!

Here at Wendereusz Candy & More, candy is our passion. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients to create candies that will fill your belly and bring a smile to your face. Come and visit - your taste buds will thank you!


Larry &  Tricia Wendereusz

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